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    At Staub Electronics, we recognize the value of teamwork, strong leadership and open communication. We have created a work environment where our people can thrive and grow.

    Providing long-term career opportunities and investing in your future is a commitment that Staub is dedicated to. We aim to help you develop your talents and to nurture your career aspirations. We are deeply passionate about our people and the results they can achieve when given the right tools, environment, support and opportunity to perform at their best.

    Staub Staff LoungeStaub Staff Lounge

    We offer an energetic, social and friendly work environment with the ongoing goal of our people becoming a stronger part of the Staub community. Our regular staff events include summer BBQ’s, staff lunches, birthday and employee anniversary celebrations, semi-annual team building events and an amazing Christmas party. We also offer a competitive compensation plan that includes:

    • Extended health insurance covering medical, dental, life and disability
    • Employee bonus plan (EBP)
    • Employee wellness & prosperity plans
    • Annual paid time-off for charitable volunteering
    • Employee discounts on the products we sell

    Our people are our biggest asset and we want everyone on the team to love what they do, where they do it and the people they do it with!

    Whether it's in product sales, technical sales or support, merchandise management, administration, or warehousing & distribution, you will have the opportunity to forge ahead and attain your career goals with our growing teams! Check out the roles we currently have open and submit your resume. If you don’t see a role that suits your skill set right now, we’d still love to see your resume... submit under the “general applications” role and our people team will review to see if there is a match.

    Want to know more about what it’s REALLY like to work at Staub Electronics and what kind of career you could have here? You can hear directly from some of our team members below as they reflect on their careers here.

    What some of our people are saying

    • Mani Purewal - Client Services Manager (2005)

      Mani is our Client Services Manager and has been with Staub since 2005!

      Why did I join Staub?
      I discovered Staub by accident when I was working for Audio Video Unlimited which is a dealer of Staub. As a Car Audio Specialist I used to work Staub as one of our suppliers. Because the office was right in my backyard, I used to stop by on my way to AVU to pickup parts when needed. A few years later I left AVU and noticed Staub was hiring for a warehouse position at the time... the rest is history as they say. I had my interview with Dave the owner and a few weeks later in August 2005 I started my first day in the warehouse.

      What makes me stay here?
      I love the industry we’re in. Electronics has always been a big passion of mine and being on the distributor side has opened my eyes to a whole new dimension which I find much more exciting than retail ever was. The staff is super friendly, I can talk to anybody anytime…we’re all really open with each other. Even the President has an open door policy so no matter what position you hold within the company you’ll always feel like you’re a part of the team. The bonus for me is the short commute to work!

      What do I love most about being here?
      Unlike larger companies with layers of management and bureaucracy that can impede your growth, Staub is a smaller company that brings about the freedom and autonomy to learn and grow within the company. As long as you apply yourself and put the effort in with a high quality of work, you can expand your skills and work with other departments in the company to continue to learn and grow.

      What do I see for my future at Staub?
      The sky’s the limit really – I always wanted to prove myself and still remember my initial interview with Dave. When asked “how do you feel about being at the bottom of the totem pole?” I recalled “I have to start somewhere but don’t expect me to stay there long and I’ll work my way up”. As long as you put the effort in, remain curious and open to learn and grow, then the, opportunities will become available. I worked my way up from warehouse, to warehouse Manager and now to my current role as Client Services Manager. That is something I take pride in.

      What makes me feel confident in the future of Staub?
      The combined level of experience in the industry with our staff and especially with our President, Scott. Every company faces challenges, we are no different. In the 10+ years I have been with the company including the recession in 2009, we always find a way to get through challenges and still continue to grow our business and create new opportunities for our employees. It’s awesome and inspiring to be part of this.

      What has been my single most favorite moment here at Staub?
      Without a doubt receiving my 10 year service award.

    • Arnel Santos - Operations, IT and Systems Manager (2008)

      Arnel is our Operations, IT and Systems Manager and has been part of the Staub team since 2008!

      Why did I join Staub?
      I didn’t see much growth at the previous company I worked for and happened to come across a posting for a warehouse position at Staub. I had never worked in the industry but had an interest in aftermarket vehicle accessories, so Staub piqued my interest. I was asked to come in for an interview with Dave, the owner, and started shortly afterwards. Hands down, it was the best career choice I’ve ever made.

      What makes me stay here?
      The company culture and the people I work with. I haven’t had a chance to work with such a dedicated and talented group until now and that’s what really gets me looking forward to coming into the office daily. “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” is a quote I’ve heard multiple times over the years and a quote I continue to believe in as I work for Staub.

      What do I love most about being here?
      The flexibility to manage my own team and work with other department managers to overcome obstacles that may arise. There have been some instances where out-of-the-box thinking was required and the sense of accomplishing that was quite thrilling to me. The company structure that our executive team has put together allows the management team autonomy to complete such tasks and really puts an emphasis on the trust they put in their management team and employees.

      What do I see for my future at Staub?
      I’d like to say the sky’s the limit, but there are footprints on the moon, and working at Staub gives me the feeling that I can ultimately achieve those heights. My position at Staub gives me the opportunity to grow and explore possibilities I never knew were open to me.

      What makes me feel confident in the future of Staub?
      The great group of people that are adaptable enough to be able to weather just about anything that is thrown at them and still show growth year after year. We’re a small company, but some of the things we accomplish are quite spectacular, and there aren’t a lot of companies out there that can say the same.

      What has been my single most favorite moment here at Staub?
      Witnessing the effects of process changes in the warehouse which have culminated in far lower inventory discrepancy numbers and a greater shipping accuracy.