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    WattBox® 800 Series Smart Adapter

    Multi-use smart adapter that allows Partners to customize their own trigger solutions. Using OvrC’s® simple command setup, you can place your own trigger in a convenient location for your customers, allowing WattBox to take care of the rest.

    Product Compatibility - Please note that this feature is not compatible with WB-800CH1U-IPVM-8 and WB-800-FP models.
    Firmware Compatibility - 800 Series device must be on firmware version or newer for trigger compatibility.
    Image of the UI of Wattbox adapter
    DC Power

    Smart adapter offers a DC-powered pass-through option with a maximum rating of 12V and 1A to energize your own trigger button.

    Image of the UI of Wattbox adapter with e-thernet cord
    A Smarter, Fully Customizable Adapter

    The WattBox Smart Adapter offers multi-functional versatility including power on, power off and reset operations. These customizable actions can be programmed for your own button solution for individual outlets or combinations, all conveniently configured in OvrC.

    Image of the UI of Wattbox adapter
    Easy Connection and Control Through OvrC

    Setting up your customer's button solution is a breeze. Just plug the smart adapter into the PDU's accessory port, and OvrC will automatically detect the adapter. From there, use OvrC's user-friendly desktop or mobile app for easy configuration and remote device reboots. If a WattBox goes offline, OvrC promptly notifies you with comprehensive details, allowing you to address the issue proactively before your customer becomes aware of it. Upgrade to OvrC Pro, and you’ll get access to even greater diagnostics and troubleshooting tools across all OvrC-enabled products.

    Image of the UI of Wattbox adapter with e-thernet cord
    Designed for Convenience

    Prevent your customers fumbling with wires and equipment by strategically positioning the trigger button for easy access. Its compact size and hook-and-loop fastener with a hole makes it easy to securely fasten the solution keeping your rack clean and tidy.


    Connectors Phoenix Connector:Trigger, Ground, DC Out (optional LED), Sensor Com (future use), Sensor 1 In (future use), and Sensor 2 in (future use) ACC Link: TIA-568B Cat5e/6 no longer than 15m (50') required to connect to the Accessory port on the 800 Series PDU
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 1.7" x 1" x 3.2"
    Features Standalone Adapter can be used to pair with a 3rd party button for partner customization
    Single button with (2) button press actions: a short press, and a press and hold (5 seconds).
    Turn outlets on, off, or reset, via OvrC UI
    Installation Features Includes (1) hook and loop strap with a rivet hold that accommodates a #10-32 rack screw Can be mounted using double-sided tape, a zip tie, or set on a surface
    Power Features DC Pass-Through: Input for DC Power Supply (up to 12V 1A max) pass power DC Out( optional when powering an LED)
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